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Learning from the past and planning the future: COOSS’ strategy to exploit IGTrain results

The IV Consortium Meeting of IGTrain has been an occasion for the Italian Partner, COOSS, to show its own results about pilots, to define with partners next action and to confirm next deadline; but it represented also an opportunity to share with the consortium ideas on future dissemination and exploitation strategies for the project.

COOSS, in fact, is involved in several different...

Meeting in Lisbon

Last Thursday, January 19, the fourth meeting of the IGTrain project ended in Lisbon after three days devoted to analyze and develop the past and future aspects of the project. In order to do this, the partners gathered around the meeting organizer, the Portuguese partner Waterpolis, who was in charge of organizing on-site activities in coordination with the project leader.


The IGTrain Consortium meeting is about to take place in Lisbon

This week, all the IGTrain Consortium is meeting in Lisbon for a progress meeting about the global advancement of the project. At this occasion, all Bulgarian, Italian, Turkish, Austrian, Portuguese, and Belgian partners will discuss the main themes related to the first stages of the project.

What is the current situation of the project?

  • What can be said about the TTT...

The IGTrain pilot training is over and the pilot mentoring is about to begin

After a short break due to the end of the year festivities, the IGTrain team resumed his activities and now that the current stage is coming to an end. This activities related to this stage of the project include:

  • Collecting POST questionnaires from the mentors and begin the analysis of the results.
  • Finalizing the individual projects preparation with all the...

The process of IGTrain Train to Trainers Course in Turkey

Mozaik has concentrated on activities about piloting process and determined the priorities on it. Firstly prospective trainers (working Samsun counseling and research center) were contacted and selected the most appropriate person for trainers to be given to mentors. Mozaik held a seminar for group consists of women and active on textile on 4 December. After this seminar, they asked for...


Presentation of IGTrain project to the Textile and Clothing Industry Organization (Bulgaria)

Bimec was invited to present the IGTrain project and the developed Train-the-trainer training to the General Assembly of Textile and Clothing Industry Organization (Bulgaria). The General Assembly of the organization consists of general managers and owners of small and medium-sized textile and clothing companies in Bulgaria. The organization has about 60 members. Bimec had the chance to present...

The first stage of the training programme of the IGTrain project is finished in Belgium

The first part of the project IGTrain training in Liège (Belgium) was completed last Thursday, 18th of December. The 10 participants have now started the preparation period for the individual project. All of them are receiving guidance and support from the trainer that conducted the first phase.

The 10 students that participated in this training in Liège come from...

Mozaik held trainings for mentors to prepare for their roles

IGTrain project was developed to transfer of knowledge from elder people to younger employees. One of the steps of transfer of knowledge is to provide training for mentors. In accordance with this purpose; trainer trainings were held to those wishing to become mentor on 29 November, 5-23 December in the salon of Samsun Counseling and Research Center.

14 potential mentors joined to these...

Dissemination of IGTrain pilot-testing phase in Portugal

The dissemination of the pilot training phase (TTT) of the project IGTrain is provided to Waterpolis stakeholder list through emails at national level and also face-to face meetings are being implemented with all associated partners at local level. Besides the specific information of the TTT, leaflets are being distributed to targeted professional or networks...

IGTrain's training of trainers in Belgium is developed through collaboration among Partenalia's partners

In the coming days it will begin in Belgium the "pilot training of trainers" pilot course, as part of the IGTrain project actions. The training will take place at the Technical and pedagogical Training Center (CECOTEPE asbl) in the city of Liege.

Partenalia, taking the advantage of its varied composition as a platform representing the...

IGTrain Adventure begun in Ancona

The 24th of November the Training to Train (TTT) Course is started in Ancona.

This first lesson has been an occasion to present in details the IGTrain project to all over 50 persons involved as mentors and to show them specific objectives and contents of the TTT course.

The class is composed by over 50 with long years experience in different social services in Marche Region...