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The IGTrain Training to Trainers Course is in process in Belgium

IGTrain is training 10 "mentors" of over 50 years in the CECOTEPE of Liege. Partenalia, as a partner of the IGTrain Project, has launched its pilot training to trainers course which will take place between the 5th and 18th of December.

During 6 sessions, between 8.30 am and 12.30 am, 10 employed and unemployed people, learn to become mentors in their workplaces and for their younger...

The Train-the-Trainers programme in Bulgaria

The Train-the-trainers programme in Bulgaria has conducted the face-to-face days of the training on the 19th, 20th and 21st of November.

The project presentations will take place on 13th of December.

In Bulgaria we have trained 13 people of +50 years old. Most of the people were from one company, Overgas holding, which deals with natural gas supply.

The participants were...

Targeted dissemination of IGTrain project in Bulgaria

In order to ensure targeted dissemination of the IGTrain project and direct access to target groups interested in intergenerational learning, the Bulgarian partner in IGTrain - Bimec established partnership with Association Generations, which is the Bulgarian partner of another project dedicated to intergenerational learning – ECIL – European Certificate of Intergenerational...

The IGTrain consortium has designed and published its Trainer's Guide. We are ready to start-up the training to trainers.

The Train-the-Trainer Programme presented in this Trainer’s Guide was developed to support employees aged 50+ to better design and implement on the job training situations with younger co-workers.

This guide aims to provide trainers and training institutions with information on the development and implementation procedures of the Train-the-Trainer Programme designed in the...

IGtrain a unified project that is already heading towards its target group: older people (50+) and transfer of knowledge in the workplace

Between the 11th and 12th of September a new Project Coordination Meeting has taken place in Sofia (Bulgaria). As usual, all consortium’s members attended, including the special presence of an external evaluator, who has shared his working day with the group: Bimec Ltd (BG), Verein multikulturell (AT), Cooss Marche (IT), Waterpolis (PT), Partenalia (BE) and Mozaik (TK).

This third...


Dissemination of IGTrain pilot-testing phase in Portugal

The dissemination of the pilot training phase (TTT) of the project IGTrain is provided to Waterpolis stakeholder list through emails at national level and also face-to face meetings are being implemented with all associated partners at local level. Besides the specific information of the TTT, leaflets are being distributed to targeted professional or networks...

IGTrain's training of trainers in Belgium is developed through collaboration among Partenalia's partners

In the coming days it will begin in Belgium the "pilot training of trainers" pilot course, as part of the IGTrain project actions. The training will take place at the Technical and pedagogical Training Center (CECOTEPE asbl) in the city of Liege.

Partenalia, taking the advantage of its varied composition as a platform representing the...

IGTrain Adventure begun in Ancona

The 24th of November the Training to Train (TTT) Course is started in Ancona.

This first lesson has been an occasion to present in details the IGTrain project to all over 50 persons involved as mentors and to show them specific objectives and contents of the TTT course.

The class is composed by over 50 with long years experience in different social services in Marche Region...

Mozaik will start to give the first training for trainers

IGTrain project is carried from 6 partners; Austria, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey and the aim of project is to transfer of the intergenerational knowledge.

For that, evaluation of the experiences of the people who age 50 and above and the transfer of these experiences have importance. With this scope, Trainers Guide was designed for trainers who will transfer the...

Partenalia sets up the monitoring device of the dissemination plan for the IGTrain project, after its first year of life.

During the month of August, the team responsible for developing the IGTrain project in Partenalia built the foundations of the first Monitoring Report of the project's Dissemination Plan. It was presented to the IGTrain consortium during the coordination meeting held in September in Sofia (Bulgaria), the first numerical and qualitative data about the activities developed so far.


Mozaik disseminates the IGTrain project to public and private institutions from Samsun city

The Turkish organization of the consortium, Mozaik (Human Resources development) has been disseminating the IGTrain project to most of the public and private institutions from Samsun, the city where they are based.

Mozaik made a first approach sending them useful information and bulletins by email, secondly Mozaik designed a roadmap about the interest and reasons of the stakeholders...