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IGTrain Project meeting in Istanbul

Last Wednesday, May 20th, the fifth meeting of the IGTrain project ended in Istanbul. During the meeting organised by the Turkish partner, Mozaik, leader of the work package ‘Exploitation and sustainability’, the partners analysed the implementation of the project and agreed on how to develop it further.

During the first part of the meeting the partners...

IGTrain Consortium Plans How to Ensure Sustainability of Project Results

On the 5th project meeting in Istanbul the partners presented the results of the second piloting phase – the on-the-job trainings implemented in 6 countries. The overall conclusion was that the results are positive and the main project product – the Trainer’s Guide is going to be a very useful tool. On the basis of the feedback mainly from the pilot...

IGTrain on-the-job training in the field of media (online information website) in the sector of Culture

Sintra, 15.05.2015

Implementing mentoring learning activities

The Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Associação Caminho Sentido offered the opportunity of implementing an on-the job training activity which started in 02.02.2015 and that was completed on 27.02.2015 with 5 specific learning units encompassing communication, ICT tools...

Project Meeting in Istanbul

Next week, the IGTrain Consortium will meet in Istanbul for the last meeting of the Project. As it is the last project meeting before the conclusion of the global project, the challenges will be important. Together, the partners will have to discuss the achievements in former stages and the next steps of the IGTrain project.

First, each partner will present their main results and...

On the job training (pilot mentoring) has finished in Bulgaria

30th April was the final day of the pilot on-the-job training in Bulgaria. The training was implemented in KARE Ltd, which is an SME (45 employees) producing ladies clothes. The company has tradition in upgrading the competencies of its staff and the company leaders firmly believe in its added value.

The mentor was Ms. Tanya Staykova (52 years old) with 22 years experience as operator...


Initiation of a development plan with Turkish partners from Edirne

Lisbon, 31.05.2015

Fostering the exploitation of results of the project

Initiation of a development plan with Turkish partners from Edirne, to foster the implementation of pilot training activities in Portugal, in Italy and in Norway, with staffs from Turkish SMEs of the region of Edirne, implementing the concepts and methodologies experienced with the project...

IGTrain and the IV Festival of the Education

In the framework of the “IV Festival dell’Educazione - 4th Festival of the Education” promote by COOSS and many local public and private organization, a final event has been organized in Jesi (Ancona) the 30th of May in order to disseminate to...

Launch of the fourth on-the-job (JB) IGTrain intergenerational training programme in the field of urban agriculture

Amadora, 21.05.2015

Fostering the exploitation of results of the project

Completing the JOB activities already completed by the Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Associação Caminho Sentido, and SME Tojas investimentos, and the already started JOB training programme of CSO Associação Memória de Records Club, the...

IGTrain workshop on possible implementation of the project results with learners from Turkey in the field of English teaching

Avcilar, 08.05.2015

Fostering the exploitation of results of the project

Waterpolis met two (2) members of the management board of the school of Ali Karay Ortaokulu in Avcilar (Istanbul Greater Area), as well as a three (3) teachers (English language) to discuss possible EU project applications together, and the feasibility of the implementation of a Learning...

Workshop IGTrain ― 30.04.2015 - 9h30.12h30 ― Lisbon, Portugal

Waterpolis promoted on 30.04.2015 a working session and meeting on the project in reference between the working group accompanying the refered project in the company, and a group of thirteen students and four teachers from the professional school IEK of Nikaia (Athens, Greece).

The session was organized with a group of students of the Web Design industry, Graphic Design and...

On the JOB Training: a new opportunity for Mentors and NEETs

The sustainability of a project idea is strictly related to its ability of being transversal and meet different situation and needs.

COOSS is starting Civil Service experiences of some young people under 30 (defined as NEET by EU) in its structures, so the IGTrain staff decided to train these new employers thanks to the On the Job Training Methodology developed during the...